Battery Service


Car Battery Replacement NJ

There is nothing more annoying than encountering the broken car due to problems with the battery. If the control panel does not turn on, or the electric motor fails to start, then the condition of the battery must be checked.

The battery is the power source of the car, it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections and maintenance, for example, to re-tighten the terminals, to clean the sulfate of the same, a correct level of the electrolyte and the proper position and subjection of this. Check that the alternator is correctly sending the charge to the battery.

For this, there is specialized equipment with which we can diagnose the correct operation of the entire load system, and prevent it take us by surprise a low energy where we will not have much to do since without power there is no way for the car to run.

When the car’s charge indicator has lit for any of these reasons, we will not have much more time before the engine stops. To know more about our service of repair and maintenance of batteries for car leave us your data in the form of contact.

Running out of a battery is no longer a major disruption. We can replace your battery with a new one of the highest quality and make a quick diagnosis of your vehicle.We have expert professionals who carry out the maintenance of your battery by making an accurate diagnosis that includes:

  • Control of the state of charge of the battery
  • Checking the wear level of the circuit
  • Test of compatibility of the battery and the vehicle

To better conserve your battery and ensure your safety, we recommend:

  • Regularly check your battery every 30,000 km or every 2 years
  • Change your battery every 60,000 km or every 4 years
  • Check the starter circuit before summer and winter to avoid damage caused by the temperature change
  • You can check the level of charge of your battery yourself with the warning light on the battery.
  • Each morning, turn on the lights of your vehicle for 4 or 5 seconds before starting.

This will give your battery power to start and will last longer.