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We take care of everything — all your auto cleaning needs

We take pride in offering quick, efficient, and personalized cleaning services for your car at an incredibly affordable price.

Our skilled professionals are uniquely trained to handle your car’s exterior and interior cleaning needs to restore its look. The range of our services include car wash, car cleaning and car polishing.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the finest products available to yield highest-quality results in every job we undertake.

You are guaranteed to drive away with a clean and shiny car every time you visit us.

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We all know that the expenses do not stop after the great effort of buying a car. Regular maintenance not only allows you to save fuel, but also extend the life of your brakes and tires.

There is no escape: it is very likely that you will suffer a puncture at some point in life. We are here to help and to repair it in a professional and safe way.

Maintenance of your car’s windshield wipers and headlights is imperative for safe driving. Do not jeopardize road safety on long trips if your visibility is decreased.

The winter is over and with it the cold season ends. Our experts can tune and prepare your car for the new season so you can make long road trips with great convenience.

The better you treat and care for your car the longer it will last.  In this way it is advisable to be aware of the minimum care that must be carried out throughout the year.

The tire plays a fundamental role in road safety and therefore you must pay special attention to it. Our tire safety week is designed to raise awareness about the importance of regular tire maintenance and road safety. We consider it highly essential that you must become aware of the degree of dangers involved in driving with tires in poor condition, as it increases braking distance, rolling resistance and fuel consumption.
Always take an active role in maintaining your vehicle to avoid costly repair and extend its life. Keeping the car in a good condition will help you to travel more safely and someday sell it on a better price. Just carry out the maintenance that is marked by the manufacturer and if there are symptoms of malfunction, do not wait too long to check and fix what is wrong. A timely maintenance is the key to protecting your vehicle.
Surely you already have your summer cloths ready, but does your car ready?You will probably travel many more miles than in winter and that is why it is necessary that you perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle before getting off the road. It is essential that you make a check to make sure that your vehicle is ready to face the scorching heat and rain. It must be equipped with adapted tires, cooling system,wind cutters, and wiper blades, etc.
Strange sounds and smells from the car can be an indicative of future car breakdowns. Recognizing these signals in time can save you some good money before the scourge goes any further.This observation will put you one step ahead of everything.The smell can help you identify when the oil is burned excessively or when the fuel combustion is not being adequate. If you notice something is wrong, you should never ignore it!

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